September 2016

September is like January.  Everyone is ready to get back to regular schedules, especially fitness, nutrition & wellness routines!  Take this time to check in with your goals, write down work out schedules and menu's, find inspiration, decide what will work for you and what won't, and surround yourself with like minded individuals.
Remember to contact us at EVOLVE for assistance in anything Fitness, Yoga, Nutrition, or Health related.
Never Settle!
Cheers, Tanya

Stay on track this Fall with these Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness Goals/ Tips in mind...

  • Success can only be achieved when you take ACTION
  • Results are based on HABITS that you establish rather than on willpower alone.  Therefore, create great HABITS.
  • Check in daily with your GOALS & VISUALIZE SUCCESS!
  • Train wisely - include Mobility, Stability, Strength & Flexibility
  • EAT SMART, Eat On Time & Eat Regularly
  • Eat to FUEL yourself!  Treat snacks & meals as FUEL
  • Be sure to get enough Sleep;
  • Surround yourself with Positive, Like Minded people;
  • Reward yourself along the way as you achieve goals!

EVOLVE has SUCCESSFUL, PROVEN training systems in place for you. One that provides INTELLIGENT TRAINING combined with SMART NUTRITION & TIMED RECOVERY SOLUTIONS.  A highly successful training system which covers key components - ALL NECESSARY TO FUEL SUCCESS.  We take your RESULTS SERIOUSLY, SO SHOULD YOU.

WHATEVER your GOALS are ...

EVOLVE with us!


Evolve is proud to be based in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada, working out of the Canada Games Complex in the heart of the city.  There are 2 cardio rooms and 2 weight rooms (with many new machines and equipment as of 2016); stretching areas; several rooms with various fitness classes; squash courts; a running track; swimming pool (lane swimming, lessons & play areas); Changerooms have lockers, showers, hot tub and sauna (all change-rooms will be newly renovated this fall); there is also childcare available and meeting rooms.

Everything you need to reach your Goals is here

Tanya Covello - CPT, CSCC, YTT, CFI
EVOLVE - Owner, Trainer, Teacher, Facilitator
Located at The Canada Games Complex
420 Winnipeg Avenue
Thunder Bay, Ontario
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These nutritionally packed information nights are filled with educational, inspiring & motivational information that will FEED + HYDRATE your body & mind.  The EAT Programs were implemented to bring you up to date with current research regarding nutrition, supplements, hormones, hydration, exercise, meditation & relaxation, sleep, recovery & much, much more.  It gives you the education, tips, tools & support to remove unwanted weight for good, eliminate self sabotaging messages, and gain amazing health & vibrancy!

EAT Programs will soon be available online - email us to reserve your spot today!

E.A.T. for the HEALTH OF IT!

807 621 4060
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YOGA is for everybody ...
  • Every size, every age, everyone, anytime
  • Yoga will lift your spirits & Improve your outlook;
  • Build strength & confidence;
  • Improve mobility & stability & Increase flexibility;
  • Increases your energy, vigour and vitality!
Yoga options at EVOLVE:
(Yoga Classes now include MyoFascial Work with the use of Balls, Rollers and other equipment provided):
  • One on One Yoga & Yoga Therapy
  • Yoga sessions for Athletes and Competitive Teams
  • Private Small Groups - Yoga & Yoga Therapy
  • Private Yoga classes (all ages, all levels)
  • Corporate Programs
  • Workshops
  • Lunch 'n Learn


EVOLVE IS PROUD to be working with many Athletes in our Region including:  Thunder Bay Thunder Bolts Swim Team;  Thunder Bay Diving Club;  Competitive Swimmers; Competitive Hockey Players;  Soccer Players;  Triathletes and Long Distance Runners.

YOGA & MyoFascial Release has so many proven advantages for athletes.  Yoga is a requirement for all pro sports, for those athletes who desire a competitive edge.

We work closely with Coaching staff and Athletes, in all sport to design professionally individualized programs, working one on one, and in a Team/Group setting.

Every Athlete will improve in their Sport with YOGA.


Corporate YOGA Programs (all levels) available.
Take a 30/ 40/ 60 minute Yoga Class at work each week as a challenge and feel the benefits immediately.
Give the gift of YOGA!  Employees receive an increase in energy, mobility & flexibility, stamina, vitality and more.
Our programs are safe, effective, and result oriented - suited for every body, in any state & any shape.

Call or Email to receive information on any of our Programs...
807 621 4060

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Mobility ~ Stability ~ Strength ~ Flexibility


Do you wish to remove excess weight and body fat?

Are you ready to finally make the decision to get fit for life?

If so, you will have to:


  • Establish a smart Training Program based on your goals (which would include Mobility & Stability training, Strength training, movement and flexibility)
  • Hydrate throughout the day (1/2 your body weight in ounces of water, plus more when exercising)
  • Establish a sound Nutrition program that sets you up for life (knowing what to eat, when to eat, how to eat, where and why)
Your Diet will always be 80-90% of your success rate or fail rate


You need a Nutrition plan in place that supports a healthy life, not restriction, nor deprivation - a plan for life!

Our Nutrition Programs work.


Call or Email for more information:

807 621-4060

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